We focus on providing informational programs that empower communities by offering knowledge and tools to improve health outcomes. Hind’s Feet Project is an all-volunteer driven non-profit organization with a mission to improve health literacy in communities in Uganda.

The general medical clinic offers an opportunity for one to get a health check. The clinic consists of a  general medical clinic, laboratory and pharmacy. The common problems seen at the clinic are UTI/STI, stomach ulcers, hypertension, upper respiratory tract infection, arthritis and pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Telehealth is the delivery of health –related services and information via telecommunications technologies  to improve a patient’s health status.  In low resource settings, it is as simple as two health professionals discussing a complicated case over the telephone or Skype.

Oral health is important to everyone’s general health and well-being as well as quality of life. Children, adults and elders living in rural areas face special challenges when it comes to accessing quality oral care. Services include; dental checkups extractions, treatment and referrals as well as education on dental hygiene. The dental clinic is a greatly appreciated service in the rural areas since access to dental services is limited. 

The Health education is an ongoing event throughout the outreaches emphasizing healthy seeking behaviors.  The main topics included the importance of health checkups and blood screens, HIV and Hepatitis B prevention, hygiene etc. Education provides skills such as critical thinking and making choices that enables individuals to opt for healthy lifestyles. 

Blindness can be both a cause and a consequence of poverty.  Preventing blindness has benefits that far exceed the investment that is made.  An ophthalmologist clinical officer heads the eye team. The common problems seen are conjunctivitis, cataracts, catarrh, presyopia, maculopathy, and pinguecular.


This clinic provides an opportunity to improve the quality of life for expectant mothers in the hard to reach areas. It is led was by a senior midwife.  At the clinic, women are able to have prenatal care including education and health literacy sessions to address the issues and challenges of pregnancy.

The cancer clinic consists of volunteer clinicians from the Uganda cancer institute who focus on health education, screening for cancer of the breast, cervical, and prostate as well as treatment of cervical cancer using cryo therapy. In Uganda, over 3,577 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer annually. Screening significantly reduces morbidity and mortality. Prevention can be successful by improving women’s knowledge about cervical cancer screening.


Hinds Feet Project understands that for an individual to be healthy, one must address all three areas of life; body, mind and spirit.

People who come to the health fair needing spiritual counsel and prayer are seen by a pastoral team offering one on one Christian counsel and prayer as a way of working through inner healing issues for those spiritually oppressed. An integrated approach is utilized namely the bible, God, Christ and the Holy Spirit to foster inner healing. 

Donating blood is fundamental in replenishing our nations supply and saving the lives of critically ill or injured patients in need of blood transfusions.

Malnutrition is one of the major causes of mortality among children in Uganda. The children’s clinic consists of a pediatrician clinical officer and nurse that treat the sick children who are brought to the outreach by the mothers. Oral health sessions, personal hygiene sessions and the hand washing exercises is part of the health education done with the mothers and the children of age. There is also a nutritional demonstration table geared to educate the mothers in the clinic regarding healthy diets. Maternal and child malnutrition can be prevented through education and counseling. 

One of Hind’s Feet Project objectives to promote wellness from a 360º approach. Hind’s Feet Project doesn’t only address community’s health needs but also doubles as a platform for addressing other relevant needs. One of these relevant needs identified is clothing the community

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