When we take time to look, we usually find someone in our past who has had profound and positive effect on the course we set for ourselves and the lives of others. We see it clearly that the person actually helped to create something better in the life of another. To some people this person is the is our community health program.

In 2015 at the Amarch community health outreach in the district of Lira a woman came to the dental clinic complaining of discomfort in the jaw area. She did not realize how big of a problem it was but had learned how to cope with the discomfort for years. At the clinic, it was discovered that she had a dental abscess and osteomyelitis of the jaw. Thanks to the outreach she was timely treated and referred for follow up at the referral hospital.

At the same outreach one of the expectant mothers who attended the antenatal clinic was a 48-year-old woman who thanked the team after getting her antenatal care stating that she was glad she came to the outreach because she got to realize the importance of getting antenatal care to ensure the safety of herself and her baby. She stated that because of her age she was reluctant to seek proper medical care and thus planned to use a traditional birth attendant at home instead of going to the health center. This was because she felt she would be ridiculed by the midwives for having a baby at her age.  Now with the education given she can make an informed decision regarding her health and the birth of her child hence she is now on the path of safe motherhood.

We come across hundreds of stories like this causing us to say that this is purely a chance for the both of us being at the right place at the right time making a difference in both our lives.

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