Who We Are

Hind’s Feet Project is a non-governmental organization registered under the Uganda Government NGO Act since November 2013, focusing on making health information accessible regardless of background, education or literacy level

Our story

Hinds Feet project was founded to help people in Uganda learn more about their health in order to  make informed decisions. When we first launched our first outreach in March 2014 in Bushuro, Kabale district about 800 people attended the outreach that entailed health education and general health screens. The community expressed that they wanted more and most of those who came to learn about their health were ill and desperate to see a doctor expecting free treatment for their ailments since they could not afford to pay for their own health care. The community also complained of having dental and eye problems that needed medical attention.[bg_collapse view="link" color="#0d8149" expand_text="Read More" collapse_text="Show Less" ] Hind’s Feet Project took into account the holistic need of the community and out of this; the concept of incorporating mobile clinics as an avenue to disseminate health information was developed. Since then, through innovative and appealing ways we have reached over 20,000 people in various communities across Uganda. HFP started as a grass root initiative to help the people of Kabale but has grown and is now serving the entire country.



We focus on the prevention, maintenance, and improvement of the health of the community. This is mainly done through health education, general medical checkups, and various biometric screening. HFP works in collaboration with Ugandan cooperate companies, the various district health officers, and the indigenous medical community to extend coverage of health information programs to under-served rural  and peri urban areas.

The base of HFP resources is found in the utilization of voluntary community health workers in the various communities forming partnerships in offering basic preventive and curative care services. Community health workers including the village health teams are a part of the collaborative team that promote health as well as mobilize community members to attend the outreaches. [bg_collapse view="link" color="#0d8149" expand_text="Read More" collapse_text="Show Less" inline_css="float:left;" ]The volunteer community health workers are also key in identifying the health problems of the community that HFP prepares to addresses in the comprehensive outreach offered to the community. Emphasis is placed on building strong professional and effective partners with the District Health Office as well as the local health organizations and key decision makers to ensure continuity of care for the community especially the high risk populations.[/bg_collapse]

Management Team

The Board of Directors (BOD) is made up of highly qualified business individuals,
who have directed several national and regional organizations; are respected
representatives of many industries or trade associations, community programs,
government organizations in different capacities.

Sandra Muhanuka RN, MPH

Founder / Chairperson

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Sandra is devoted to delivering lifestyle education and wellness concepts, enabling communities attain healthier futures. She loves to give back to society through various voluntary opportunities mainly dealing with the elderly and children. In her spare time she reads, walks and enjoys watching movies [/bg_collapse]

David Magezi

Vice Chairman

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David is a proud alumni of the University of Southampton in England with interests that include Health care in Africa, challenges and opportunities. He is an avid supporter of the premiership football side Southampton FC, enjoys playing scrabble and travelling


Hadijah Nanyomo


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Hadijah is a Fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants of UK as well as a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda. She is currently the Executive Director in Ernst & Young (EY) leading the EY East Africa region global trade/ indirect taxes team. She continues to give back to society under various committees for different umbrella bodies/ BMOs and Social responsibility clubs in Kenya and Uganda. [/bg_collapse]

Silas Muhanuka

Board Member

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Experience business health professional with expertise in advertising, marketing and business management principles. Pursuing PMD and CFA international certification. 


Maureen Kyomuhendo

Board Member

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Marketeer by profession. BBA Marketing MBA Business oriented in the line of health and beauty. I believe that God is the best gift to mankind on this great universe. It's important to love God, love oneself , love our neighbours and love the world." [/bg_collapse]

Muzungyo Allan Mark

Project Administrator

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Muzungyo Allan is an outgoing person. He completed his Bachelors degree in Social sciences from Makerere University and is currently undertaking a post graduate diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation from the Uganda Management Institute. He coordinates all the key H.F.P projects as well as other related management concerns.    [/bg_collapse]

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